05 February 2006

What A Result!

Scotland 20 - France 16! Is it too much to hope that this a sign of resurgence for Scottish Rugby? Anyway what can I say but w00t. Unfortunately didn't get to watch the match on telly as Becky and I were driving back from London. We went to Transmission yesterday night, my first time there, and today we bimbled about on the South Bank and went on the London Eye.

I've just got back and I'm a bit jaded still so I'll leave it at that.

Til next time.


  1. Damn, didn't think to see Scotland pulling that off - especially given their recent history.

    A resurgence? Maybe. Either way it is nice to see Scotland competing for something other than the wooden spoon.

    Hope you enjoyed TX - even if you did have to put up with my company for part of it. ;)

  2. I will swallow my pride & congratulate the Scots. They did well.
    I also take great pleaseure in seeing the French beaten. Yippee.

    I've made plans to go on the Eye with my brother next month. Any good? or better to stand on Ali-pali hill?

  3. One swallow a summer does not make.....

    Well done the Scottish Team they deserved that result.

    However England do have to go to Murrayfield :(

  4. With apologies to our brethren across the channel, it's always good to see the French come a cropper!

  5. A wonderful result, a great game. Even if they lose the rest of the games, if they play like that I'll be happy.

  6. Clarrisa, Yes I did and it was lovely to see you again.

    Lara - the London Eye is expensive £13 a head, but well worth every penny the view really can't be beaten as it is about the tallest thing that is open to the public in central London.

    Charlotte - who is the ":-(" for? The Scots or are you worried for the English, that we will beat yous?

    Stegbeatle - Yup!

    Gordon - It would be better if we won them though ;-)