08 February 2006

Leaving Speech

I have to write a leaving speech about a friend of mine for next Friday.
She's given me some notes to work on but it's a bit dull dull dull. Not Anne's fault but most people's work careers are not exciting to describe. She has taken to the stage in scanty costume in Kiss Me Kate though while she was working here. Do you think I could re-phrase this as "Dancing
before a paying audience in her underwear"?

Update: because this has been a long term popular search I noted down some brief guidelines on writing leaving speeches here you are still going to have to write it yourself though


  1. interesting reworking... if shes a lower grade than EO you could change it to "supplimenting the paltry salary"... any higher than EO and i think they perform some humour removal procedure (or they did in longbenton).

  2. you could consider re-phrasing "solicited her talents for the pleasue of the paying public"
    ...or just lie & make outragous stuff up.

  3. Sorry about the above, I cant spell.

  4. I think almost every job is, once you know the details, difficult to conceive of adults doing all day without losing their minds. Even if it's agreeable.

    I have a friend who's a photo editor at a major newspaper. She was sent to the Capital for the State of the Union as an 'on-site' photo editor; which sounds as glamorous as, for instance, a page-one meeting. But what she actually did was shuttle the digital camera disks to a terminal, transmit them with their captions. This is mostly the work of a copyboy, but of course a major paper covering a big hot-air event like the State of the Union isn't going to trust its captions to a copy boy.

    It reminded me of Pat Walsh's account of meeting a woman who worked for a circus, and being excited to find out, he asked her what it was like. A lot of paperwork, she said.