17 February 2006


Was lovely but very cold especially with the wind chill. This probably put some crimp on our time there, neither of us were in the mode for leisurely romantic walks along the canals as we wanted to be able to feel our faces afterwards.

The first day we had to equip ourselves with hats, scarves and I bought some tights to wear under my jeans, one of the best ways to keep warm in cold weather.

We took a canal boat trip which was good with the extra attraction of being under cover and could sit down. We spent a lot of time indoors, in caf├ęs and bars either drinking a beer or a coffee or using the facilities because of all the coffee and beer we had drunk.

We walked past the flower market, a complete tourist trap no doubt but the buckets of tulips were a dash of brilliant colour that really stood out amongst the winter greyness.

Flower Market

The highlight for me was the Van Gogh museum. Not so much for Van Gogh I wasn't sure about his work before and now I know that I'm not a Hugh fan of it. Yes, he was very important I can see that and how he moved art on but it doesn't move me. My favourite painting there was a small Seurat they had. What made it such a wonderful museum was how they presented the work, that you could see it clearly even the most famous works such as the Sunflowers and the painting of his bedroom it was never too crowded. The building itself is stunning and the staff I thought were very good, yes we were carefully watched but treated like adults.

The other highlight was the meal we went for on Tuesday night, we had read about a restaurant in the Jordaan area Burger's Patio, an Italian restaurant that doesn't serve burgers. We had decided that we would wander around the Jordaan and happened on the restaurant luckily we were able to get a table. The food was superb I had leak and potato soup and then a casselet of duck leg, black pudding, beans and pork belly. Italian soul food, warming, - good considering the
weather outside.

Although Holland is not known for its cuisine it doesn't mean that there are not good restaurants and we didn't have a single duff meal while we were out there.


  1. Amsterdam is a fab place, we went there a few years back and had a great weekend. I'm not big on art galleries, but I did enjoy the Van Gogh museum

    If you ever go again, check out the Boom Chicago comedy club.

  2. we used to live in Amsterdam a while back, in Beursstraat close to the Beurs and the Grasshopper. We used to love the Bloemenmarkt but more for the Christmas shop which is close by there. Infact when I go back in September my wife wants me to go shopping there for her.

    Glad you enjoyed the trip and next time you have to try some Stampot - lovely when its cold and beats harring anyday.

  3. Joanna:

    I second the Boom Chicago club. It truly rocks. Been there loads of times. But the time of the riot outside wasn't anything to do with me. No.