03 January 2006

Mmmmm smooth

We took the Christmas decorations down at work today, returning the office back to its dull, slightly shabby self. I took down the tree after much sighing and heavy hints from some of my colleagues. If I had my way the decorations would have stayed up until 12th night, but then again if I was in charge they would have not been put up until a few days before Christmas.

We did have a new seasonal decoration to put up in the office, in my paper today was a January "advent" calendar issued by Innocent (Non Brits - They are a fruit drinks company) so we stuck that up. It's quite a neat advertising trick by Innocent, who seem to be trying to get us to equate healthiness with their products, behind each door was a healthy living hint. It certainly seems to have worked in the office; we talked about the calender, we stuck it up which will ensure more chat and I'm blogging about them now cos I was intrigued enough to have had a peak at their website. I thought the website is trying too hard to be "wacky" and "home grown" but it's all a matter of taste I suppose.

Coincidentally Si and I bought one of their smoothies yesterday because they were on offer in the supermarket, strawberry and banana it was OK, Simon thought it has a bit of a metallic aftertaste, I wasn't really moved either way, pleasant enough but I wouldn't pay full price.


  1. I think they must be selling the stuff to innocents - at the price they're asking! Glad to see you didn't pay full whack, Jane.

    And this is coming from someone whose a fully paid up member of the free enterprise club, so there!

  2. Gimmicky health drinks always costs way too much. How do they expect me to buy it when the evil CocaPepsiPepperCola is eternally on sale? Sure, I KNOW it's bad, but if I didn't do something simply cuz it's wrong, I wouldn't do much at all!

  3. thanks for your comment Sloth*. now you are uber cool too! i only like the vanilla Innocent drinks, because I don't eat fruit. However, they may be pricey, but being non-Evil Corporate Conglomerate does have a price. I do admire the borough market startups for going for it, and well, starting up!