24 January 2006


BBC NEWS | Scotland | Haggis becomes hot health topic

The 6 O'clock News on Radio 4 has just reported that Haggis has been lumped in with Turkey Twislers and Burgers as being unhealthy and not to be served in Scottish schools. All I can say is "Well Done" to however made that decision, haggis is horrible. The haggis we were served at my primary school, Sciennes, in Edinburgh was fucking foul. It looked like chopped up chess boards and would have tasted like cardboard except it was so highly salted and peppered. We are going to a Burns' Night Dinner on Friday we'll be served Haggis there and this stuff will allegedly be top notch but it will still need to be smothered in Ketchup (which unfortunately will not be available) to make it bearable.


  1. *gasps*

    Ketchup! KETCHUP!!!

    Admittedly I've had my share of bad haggis (at school as well as it happens) but a good haggis is delicious. Oaty, spicy.. what's not to like?

    Please, at least try a little of a good one.

    As for it not being healthy I say WHO CARES!! What next? Bacon is unhealthy? Well DUH!!

    Ohh my patriotic nerve is all a-quiver.

  2. Oh dear lord... The Wikipedia description of haggis reads like an excerpt from the script of Hostel. ;-)

    Best of luck to you Jane... I recommend taking your own ketchup.

  3. It may have past my notice, but I've never seen a Celtic take-away. Anywhere.

    You may have just answered why this is.

    Sorry Gordon, I'm with Jane on this one.

    Kath,you may like to check out Black pudding if you want to be disgusted , mmmmm black pudding. Not even the French could come up with this one.

  4. What's wrong with black pudding?

    Honestly, this country (UK) is getting very 'sniffy' these days. Why only a few decades back TRIPE was popular... ;-)

    I'm gonna answer this better on my own blog later... sorta...

  5. Gordon - I've been too deeply scarred by my primary school experiances to ever like haggis. I do like black pudding though I don't really care what goes into something (as long as it is healthy and natural not mechanically recovered meat and cockroach droppings) it's the taste of it.

    Kath - fortunately I'm only going to be faced with an ice-cream scoops worth I can just push it around the plate.

    Sim - There's nowt wrong with black pudding, it's lovely.

  6. Mmmmmm haggis, whenever I go to scotland first stop is the chip shop for a battered deep fried haggis, I love it even more than kebab

  7. I like haggis. I even like haggis-on-a-stick, but if you don't, just drink more whisky. Then you won't care what you're eating, just like Bobby Burns!