24 December 2005

You Know Your Boyfriend Is From Norfolk When...

playing Grand Theft Auto he carries out drive-bys on a tractor


  1. Jane it is pronounced Traaaactor.



  2. What??!?! No Conferdate Flag??!?! What kind of tractor is that??

    Must be one of them thar yankee tractors.

    Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas.

  3. opps.

    No, You know when you are from Norfolk when you parents own two of them.
    Such is my fate.

    ....And Charlotte, it's spelled 'Traker' , loik what thas spook hair en Norfuk.

  4. You know when you are in Norwichsire when see signs in every village like 'The Street', 'The Lane', 'The Shops'.

    Or when you are in manys a different pub, and what looks like the same barmaid (not that I cast aspertions on the familial relations over the border there) always makes the same series of statements: 'Where you from? Oh, really? That isn't a South Cambs accent...'

    Norwichshire: great place to visit as long as you avoid the yok^H^H^Hlocals

  5. *sniff* I really miss the anti-Norfolk jibes... (as an ex-pat Naaaridge gal, the old rivalries aren't so common up here...)