23 December 2005

Return of the Flashr

About 6 weeks ago Becky blogged about being getting added to someone's friends list on Flickr and finding that the pictures are all p0rn. The creeps who do this seem to search through Flickr looking for people to spam this way.

Becky went on to have a wee rant about these sad losers, saying that she always blocks them.

I commented that she should report them to Flickr as they are doing the cyber equivalent of flashing. Not all commenters agreed there seemed to be a feeling from some that it had to accepted because some people don't like pictures of trannies and its one of those things that happen to trannies. A view I disagree with strongly, no one should have to put up with shite like this.

Well, I have started to get spammed this way. The first time it happened I just blocked them. The second time was Tuesday, I was at work looking at Flickr during lunch, I saw I had mail looked at that saw I had been added clicked through to the profile, then to the photos where I was confronted with full on hardcore p0rn.

I was so lucky that no one was standing behind me because it could have been very embarrassing or in the worst case could have got me in to serious trouble, work has a strict no p0rn policy. I'm sure that I would have been able to convince my bosses that I had been spammed not deliberately looking for the stuff. But I don't relish the possibility that in doing so I would have to show them my Flickr stream, not because I'm ashamed at all of any of my photos it's just I don't think I could take the patronising "concern" I would get from some quarters and the purience from others.

Being spammed made me angry, how dare someone assume that I want to see their cock or their porn collection. So I emailed Flickr straight away reported what had happened gave them a link to the offending person and then I blocked him.

That evening I had an email from Flickr saying that they were investigating, yesterday out of curiosity I checked the perv's profile and they had removed him.

No fuss no problems - Thanks Flickr

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  1. Good for you! I've also been getting a lot more of this recently. Some is "OK" but some have some very extreme hardcore images. Next to each image is "flag this photo as may offend" which I have also started using for the very offensive ones.