01 December 2005

Pucker Up Picasso

Yesterday there was hoo haa in the meedja about artists being sexually more successful than the rest of us. The BBC went on about it a lot, (guess a lot of the producers have arts degrees then) and there was an interesting article in the Guardian too.

So I really enjoyed the article by Dinos Chapman, where he poo poo'd this research with a few facts and inside knowledge in the G2 section of the Guardian today - Artists are not sexy


  1. but did you see that they are so successful that they have on average 7 sex partners rather than 3 for mere non-artistic types?

    is it just me or is that number really quite low?

  2. No it's not just you, those numbers do sound a little low, there is definately some lying going on somewhere. :-o

  3. Oh thank heavens. I was starting to re-evaluate quite how bad at maths I was...