10 December 2005

Post Recovery

The Christmas ball was very enjoyable, not least because I was able to take Becky with me for the first time and it was fun to watch her reaction to it and to introduce her to my friends, Becky blogged a few photos from our evening which was good of her cos it has saved me from doing a major write up, the photos are here, here, here, here, here too, here and possibly also here.

We have had a very quiet day I purchased another Christmas present, we bimbled through town and dozed mainly.

This evening we watched the film version of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy this evening, the first time either of us had seen it. Perhaps it's because I'm so familiar with the previous versions but this one left me feeling a little flat. It was, in parts, visually stunning but although I tried to stop myself, I could not help noticing where it did not stick to the original storyline. They would start a piece of dialogue in line with the original then lose the punchline because they would not finish it. I know that things must give when trying to condense a 3 hour series into a film but there was a fairly pointless love story stuck into the plot which didn't really add anything. Sam Rockwell was good as Zaphod Beeblebrox however I didn't feel that there was any chemistry whatsoever between the cast members. It meant I couldn't believe in their relationships to each other, which even treating the film as if the previous versions didn't exist weakened its attraction.


  1. Yep, agreed, H2G2 the movie is pretty pants!

  2. Like you I'm familar with the previous versions (ok, too familiar having read/watched/listened ad nauseam) but I quite enjoyed the film with the notable exception of Sam Rockwell who just irritated the hell out of me all the way through it!

  3. Yes I agree, although the Planet Workshop Floor on Magrathea was visually stunning....and a happy ending?? WHY?