08 December 2005

Hits and not so popular sites.

As a blogger much of my time is spent pouring over my stats, fretting over the numbers of readers as they wooble about the 20 mark. So I found it very heartening to read in the Guardian technology section today that some government sites hardly get any hits whatsoever with one getting a measly 77 hits all year. That made me feel a whole lot better, I'm more popular than the government :-D Full article here.


  1. Interesting, hon. If nobody read your blog, would you stop? If not, does the number then really matter? Immortality doesn't require an observer, after all!

    Hugs! Gemma xxx

  2. Hi Gemma,

    Interesting point you made.

    If noboby read my blog it would matter, because part of having it is to entertain others and interact with them. The numbers do matter I suppose because it is the only real measure I have of how well I'm doing. The numbers that really count are the returning visitors and that is staying steady and I suppose I'm doing well really.

    If it didn't matter why put it on line?

    :-) Jane

  3. What do you use for your site stats, may I ask? Do blogspot give you proper stats?

    I must admit my reasons for blogging are different than yours, and in fact, I wrote what would now be called blogging software for myself (because I have a very bad memory) way back in the depths of 98 or so...

  4. Hi ST, Blogger doesn't include hit counters in their templates so I've stuck the code from a couple of free hit counters into the template myself.
    I use a combination of site meter and stat counter for my stats. Site meter I think is more accurate but stat counter presents the details in an user friendly manner.

  5. More popular than the government... a goal we should all aspire to! :) I'm glad to see you set easy hurdles for yourself! :) :) :)