13 December 2005

Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Just got my copy of the Christmas edition of the Radio Times. Ten page special on Doctor who, so far it has revealed that the baddies are called Sycorax (after a moon of Uranus). Dr Who will be swishing about in pajamas for some of the episode and it may do the take up of trombone lessons no good whatsoever.

My uncle Lawrence plays the trombone when I was little he would ring up to play happy birthday to me on it, he didn't have a phone, he had to use a public phone box.

You can also win a real Dalek, I think it will look really nice in my living room. :-D


  1. So you are entering the "Win a Dalek" competition as well!!

    If I win I will let you have a drive next I see you!

    Apparently not content with the usual gay sub text Russel T is also putting in a strong anti-war message in there as well. (And why not!)

  2. Now is Doctor who a girl thing ?
    I have a freind thats potty about it, to the point of doing telly interviews, president or secretary of a DH society, ect.
    Ask a bloke & most say, "No, Im a Star Trek man".

    I could do with the Dalek BTW, I need somthing to guard my Jellybabies jar.

  3. Really looking forward to the Xmas Doctor Who

    BTW my new blog is here Aginoth's Blog

    For those of you yet to track me down.

  4. Charlotte the Dalek is so mine... :-D

    Sim - Now I also really like Star Trek and I have a colleague, female, who went to a Star Trek convention wearing an uniform. I know plenty of men who prefer Doctor Who to Star Trek. I have spotted though that most women will not admit to liking science fiction.

    Aginoth - Yeah there is a lot of us who are I'm sure the Radio Times will have had a blip of sales to the 30 something group!

  5. I was never able to get into the whole Doctor Who thing. First off, it was only on PBS (public broadcasting system) at odd hours. As a little kid living in the USA, it was hard for me to fully "get it", with the strange looking phone booths and the funny words.

    Star Trek was a show that I could follow. I could get the idea of a spaceship, and green alien chicks.