10 November 2005

Oooh Cybermen

Forget housekeeping just look at this - can hardly wait.


  1. Is it just me or does that Cyberman look as if he could do with a holster containing a six-shooter slung round his waist cowboy style?

  2. Hold on - is this some kind of "this is what the new Cybermen are going to look like" teaser?

    He doesn't look scary. He looks like he's about to burst into song...

    ..."If I only had a heart"

  3. awww, he looks sort of sad, and he does seem to have a very small head in relation to the rest of him. Maybe thats whats making him sad.

    I think i was expecting something more scary as well, abit more borg like maybe?

  4. Well I think he looks awesome! He's got a real "Metropolis" Art-Deco vibe about him. Old-school tecnology with a patina of age and modern robotics feel. Love it!

  5. Thank you Becky - when I saw him I thought "Coool" that's gonna be scary. That's really rather stylish. Glad I'm not the only one. :-*

    Clarissa, Siobhan, Freiya - you may mock but I bet you will be hiding behind the sofa when the cybermen appear!

  6. Come on ladies. Take a good look at this photograph. Now look at a picture of the previous incarnations of the cyberme (yes, they have changed since 1966).

    This is not man in a rubber suit with a plastic head. This actually looks like metal.

    There IS an element of Metropolis here, but that's more a homage to a classic (I hope) rather than a lack of new ideas. And they've kept true to some fundamentals - the "last tear" that the cybermen cried when they removed all human vestige, for example.

    By now, you will have realized that I am Very Sad™, so I'll just get my coat...

  7. Hmm, I think it's the eyes. It was the same with those Slitheen things - they made the eyes too "doe-like".

    The body is fantastic, and yes, so much better than the polythene suits of days gone by. But I can't look at those eyes and feel anything but pity.

    Maybe it'll have a scary voice?

  8. Ooh ooh ooh!

    One more thing, sorry. How come this cyberman looks different to the head that The Doctor was looking at in the museum in "Dalek" eh? Eh? Eh?

    I'm caring too much about this aren't I?

  9. I've no idea why Sci-Fi film makers insist on styling their robots, cyborgs, or androids in this way. In this micro-chip age you would expect to see sleeker, more flexible, humanoid models. But no, we have to put up with this 'pipes' and 'valves' style. If one of these things break down, do they call in a plumber?

  10. I think he looks pretty good. A nice balance between the cybermen as we remember them and the desire to show the money that's been spent on it.
    As for looking sad - that could just as well be a look of cold disinterest. Funny how we read human emotions into a rigid metal face. And we all know the Cybermen have dispensed with emotion.
    It's behind the sofa time! Now, what about the return of the Ice Warriors?

  11. I'm caring too much about this aren't I?

    Perhaps a little,Siobhan. But it's rather sweet ;-)

  12. At the risk of sounding very, very sad, I'll just point out to Don that the Cybermen started out as men who sought immortality and gradually replaced their bodies and internal organs with mechanical devices as they failed. Hence, the humanoid look and feel to them.

    (NB: I wish to make to known that any mistakes in the above are entirely mine and no blame should be apportioned to my Dr. Who mad brother because I switched off while he was explaining this to me. ;-) )

    Sorry Jane but it's been a long time since I felt the need to hide behind the sofa. :) And at the moment the new look Cyberman doesn't look very scary. I shall wait until Christmas to see if seeing them on the TV changes my mind.

  13. The current series of Dr Who may not be so scarey to us cynical grown ups. But watching the two cygnets, (Sig Minors) 9 and 7, jumping out of their skins and peeking at the TV from behind their comforter cushions is a joy to behold, especially in Episode Two when Granny came back from the dead!

    Dr Who has not lost its magic or its ability to scare the pants off the younger audience (for whom it is aimed!)

    I just hope David Tennant can cut the mustard. He has an extremely hard act to follow.... cue that Christopher Ecclestone wolfish grin!

  14. Clarissa,

    The minute I clicked on the 'Publish' button I realised I was opening myself up to criticism from the... ahem... afficionados. My point still holds though. Surely their replacement parts could have been sleeker and more elegant. Or is this 'boiler-room' effect considered to be scary? It makes me laugh.

  15. Those new Cybermen look very Camp. In fact not unlike Kryten. That's the shame of the new Dr Who, where as on there last two appernces in the 1980's the cybermen had got scary enough for the DVD's to carry a 15. Plus they assimilated people (Three years befour the Borg first appered in 'Star Trek:TNG' on which occasion assimilation wasn't mentiond.)
    The new shows are a massive step backward from the innovative shows of the late `80's.