25 November 2005

It's snowing

It snowing - well it's trying to. The office is trying to decide whether a couple of small flakes make a flurry.

I say no.

It is bitterly cold though, my plans for what am going to wear tomorrow night in Birmingham are rapidly changing, from a skimpy top to thermal undies from Damart and a more Nanook of the North look.


  1. The front lawn of my house is encrusted with a few centimeters of snow. When I got home from work today (2:30am), I got out of the truck, saw something moving in the corner of my eye, turned to see, and saw two young deer walking down my street in the glow of the streetlights reflected back up in the snow. It was marvelous. =)

  2. What is this "snow" stuff you are talking about?

    The only "snow" in Floirda is the powdery stuff that comes from Colombia.

    Maybe you should come to Floirda for a little holiday. I checked airfare from MIA to LHR nonstop on BA and found the price to be surprisingly reasonable.

    You will find that the conversion rate from pounds to dollars will work out well for you :)