22 November 2005

Been Shopping

Went shopping in King's Lynn with Becky this weekend we wandered about in the Next shop that has just opened. I tried on some tops but wasn't impressed. Becky, however, was more successful she saw, I modelled, she ummm and ahhed, she bought. I was luckier in TK Maxx I got a shrug/bolero-jacket type thingy while Bex wandered around waiting for inspiration to hit but it didn't.

The reason for this shopping splurge?

Well the Christmas season is on us and I have a do each weekend up to the Christmas and while I have more than enough clothes to cover all the dos. All the clothes I have have been to parties more than once. I am not royalty I do not have to worry about wearing a new outfit everytime. But is nice to vary the outfits a bit and the golden rule of dressing on the cheap is have a few basics and accessorise accessorise accessorise; be it with handbags, scarves/shawls, venues and if necessary and you're really ruthless - boyfriends.

This weekend we have Transpocalypse the blogging event of the year. A get together of Tranny Bloggers, tranny friendly bloggers (that will be me) and partners (oooh that will be me again then.) Birmingham will not know what has hit it. For this event I do not have to worry too much about what I'm going to wear because I'm not going to be the one who gets all the attraction. I've noticed this before when I met Becky at the Cambridge Pink Picnic back in August.

People would come up to talk to Bex but almost totally ignore me I could have been wearing a burka. It was a bit like that when we went out in Nottingham. I don't mind, it is natural I suppose after all to most people trannies are exotic, glamorous, strange creatures often heard about but rarely knowingly met. 30 something women are ten a penny. It was different at Angelic it was much more like a "normal" evening out but that's for another blog post I think.


  1. Stores in the States have already gone Christmas Crazy. The decorations are up and everything.

    Soon the endless loops of christmas music will begin to play. By the time December 25th is here, I will be on the verge of going postal.

  2. Oh I've seen something lovely in TK Max, only they don't have my size. Poo. i wanted it for Christmas too.

  3. Iggy at least you have thanksgiving in the way to form a kind of brake on the yuletide nonsence in shops we have to put up with it from early October. But I know what you mean my milk of human kindness has curdled by the time we get to the second week of December.

    Stephen - that's always the risk with TK Maxx but part of the fun as well!

  4. i was in tkmaxx and the weekend - it was very disappointing - not a bloody thing to be had.