03 November 2005

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Editor free after Kemp 'assault'

The Editor is Rebekah Wade of The Sun and Ross Kemp's wife. Does anyone want to bet which page of the Mirror this will appear on and which page of the Sun it will appear on if it appears at all.
When I heard this on the news I went "Oooh couldn't have happened to a nicer person" Wade not Kemp, sarcasm being my first reaction. I also wanted to snigger what with Ross Kemp's supposed hard man image. But we wouldn't have done so if it had been the other way round, if Ross Kemp had been held for alleged assault against his wife. No one should have to put up with domestic violence and remember it can happen to men as well.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Editor free after Kemp 'assault'

Other News - The Doctor Who Christmas Special will be shown on Christmas Day.


  1. And more intriguing - the other mitchell brother was also assaulted by his girlfriend today as well...

    Is it National Smack a Slaphead day?

  2. The odd thing is that there is no mention of it on the Sun website.... though according to the Graiuadn there is going to be the full story in tomorrow's paper.

    It's also amusing the sexist attitudes that have been on display today.

    I guess it has something to do with him playing a 'hardman' on TV, ergo he should be able to accept being hit in the mouth by a women.

    But then I guess the people that think this funny, probably check his birthday in the Eastenders annual and send him cards.

    Oh and I do agree with you about it couldn't happen to a nicer person.... since poking around in google I was reminded of 'Bonkers Bruno Locked Up', the peadiatrician attacked for molesting children.... in fact the sheer pointlessness and nasty nature of the 'newspaper' that she edits.

  3. Oh and I found this....


    which is both bizarre and ironic in relation to the news of the day