03 October 2005

Where Does This Rubbish Come From?

I've decided to do a bit of clearing out in the living room. I've got too much stuff it's cluttered and I can't find anything easily. For instance I've had a large cardboard box by the computer desk for at least 5 years and I've not looking in it once so I think I can safely bin whatever is inside. But in order to clear up I seem to have to create more mess right now it's chaos, there is dust everywhere and barely a clear surface to sit on. It will get better I hope.


  1. Ah, you say that, but then from somewhere... More mess to fill the empty space. It's bizarre.

  2. i always find that chaos comes before full tidiness is schieved...

    it's so cathartic to have a big chuck-out now and again

    i took three big bin bags of clothes to charity shops over the summer

    thing is, my wardrobe is still full

    **scratches head and furrows brow**

  3. Keep at it hon. Trust me things will look better in the end! :)

  4. I have a theory... (queue Monty)
    It breeds. The mess that is.
    And the more space you have the more mess.
    Messes breed to fill the available space.
    What else could it be? I know I'm not this much of a slob! :)

  5. Hannah, UC and Walter - I agree with all of you.

    Charlotte are you sure? It still looks awful at the moment.