20 October 2005


Browsing through my stats this lunch time I saw that I had had my very first visitor from Cuba. Well the machine was in Cuba could well be that the visitor was a tourist using one the internet machines that are found in hotel lobbies.

I've been to Cuba - Twice

Also like to say a big hello to the Lebanon a country making it's first appearance on my stats today.


  1. I love the little Geoloc thing in the bottom corner but was upset that it was showing me as from USA instead of Aruba... I wanted to be your first visitor from there


  2. Anon - Aye the problem is because the ISP is based in the USA. I always know when my mum has visited the blog because my stats tell me that I've had visitor from Motherwell in Scotland even though she lives in Buckden Cambridgshire.

    However Welcome Visitor from Aruba.

  3. I am not allowed to go to Cuba. In a strange twist of fate, those who live in the USA but were born in Cuba, or have family currently living in Cuba, can go there.

    I am not allowed to spend money that supports Fidel Castro, but those who ran away from the big bad bearded man can.