14 October 2005

Blogs and Ennui

Blog Bit

I had wanted visible comments for a while. So when Becky was over this Wednesday, seeing as she is a technical-wizardress type person, I got her to show me what I needed to do to my template to get the comments to be in the main part of the blog. Well show me, is perhaps the wrong phrase. The mouse was gently removed from my grasp and she did it herself. I think she must have spotted the fear and confusion in my eyes as she tried to explain it to me.

I have wanted them because I think that if a blog is to be more than a voice wittering out into the ether, then the comments section is hugely important to the blog. It is where we interact with each other and stops this from being one woman ranting or mere vanity web publishing it's where the "conversation" part happens.

Ennui Bit

I went to a works social last night, one of the more formal ones, while it was ok; the food was very good and the wine was flowing. I found myself feeling rather disengaged from it all, I've done this too often, I've seen the people too frequently and the conversation is getting old. Normally these things don't end until the last person falls over, no doubt it did last night but I was on my way home by shortly past 1 am. Considering we didn't leave the dining room til midnight due to the speeches that is early indeed. So instead of feeling very fragile this morning I feel tickity boo and tip top, but rather cheated and wondering why I bother going to these things.

What I'm Doing Tonight

Going to Kings Lynn


  1. "I had wanted visible comments for a while..."

    Yeah me too...I'm guessing it's dead techy & complicated then :-(

  2. Nah actually it isn't but combine not being able to get my head round HTML whatever and inertia I got Becky to do it for me instead! :-D

  3. ...wondering why I bother going to these things.

    Maybe the part about the good food and flowing wine? That would be enough for me, but I can see where that too could get old.

  4. I've actually had extensive training in when to take the mouse and when not to, and I'm actually pretty good compared to some IT trainers! :-)

    Sometimes you just know when it's easier to drive than tell. :-)

  5. At work do's, if I want a change of conversation, I try to make sure I'm sitting next to someone who I don't normally talk to.

    However, this could backfire if this person turns out to have nothing in common with you and this is the reason why you don't normally talk to them...

  6. Katherine - Yes even good food and wine can loose their attaction and I never thought I would say that.

    Becky - ;-p

    Weenie - At this do we didn't have a choice I was sat next to my group boss, which was fine except he was minesweeping food from the start.

  7. Sometimes you just know when it's easier to drive than tell. :-)

    Oh yes... now if only we could restrict computer use to some sort of licencing system... :)