19 October 2005

Bits and Bobs

I'm suffering from a content drought, I can't think of anything I want to share with the wider world at the moment and nothing really exciting or novel that is shareable is happening to me either. It isn't helping me with my desire to be the Dooce of East Anglia - except the being sacked from my job for blogging bit of course.

This is the point where the easily nauseated may wish to look away: Recently I've been sitting staring into space like a love struck 16 year old, sighing deeply and giggling to myself instead of thinking up insightful, cutting, witty, intelligent blog posts to present to you the reader.

I've not stopped wearing mostly black but inside I'm being very pink and fluffy at the moment which isn't very like me at all normally.

The easily nauseated can look back now.

So as a bit of easyish blogging here are some links

Google are changing the name of their email service in the UK from Gmail to googlemail.

Ever wondered what happened to dead whales? This is a bit gruesome but absolutely fascinating as well.

In space no-one can hear you scream Stupidly bad physics in the movies. Read, learn and really annoy people by picking apart their favourite films from a physics points of view.


  1. Romance and it's negative effect on creativity.

    I'm experiencing something similar. No wonder the great writers never got any. ;-)

  2. ooh i sthat what the problem is? i've been sitting trying to blog all morning too.

  3. No wonder the great writers never got any...

    Except for maybe Hemmingway...

  4. No wonder the great writers never got any...

    And maybe Dickens

  5. that warms the cockles of my heart, that does: a former goth who is pink and fluffy on the inside!

    lerv is a damned good excuse for blogger's block btw...

    feel gooey and happy for you and yours truly!


  6. You got canned for blogging at work?

    That toads the wet sproket.

  7. Iggy no - Don't worry I haven't been sacked. No that happened to her what writes Dooce, Heather Armstrong.

    I'm still an employee of Her Brittanic Majesty's Civil Service.