16 October 2005


This week I have been mostly travelling - well it felt like it. On Tuesday I went up to Bolton for a factory visit and meeting. The factory visit was fascinating the meeting less so but that is the way of these things. Friday afternoon I went over to Kings Lynn to see Becky, Saturday we went to Milton Keynes to go to Angelic.

My first "proper" organised tranny event apparently, rather than just mooching about at Cambridge's Premier Pride Event - Pink Picnic, or just going out clubbing in Nottingham. I forgot to take my camera with me so rather than have a very samey looking blog as Bex's I'll just refer you to her pictures from the event. Here and Here. It was an enjoyable night at points it turned into a mini blogging meet as I met fellow bloggers Joanna Nicholls and Connie for the first time.

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  1. And it was great to meet you too Jane!