19 September 2005


A couple of weeks ago Becky asked if I was interested in going on a tranny night out in Nottingham, I thought for a nano second then said "Yes please".

The excuse for the night out was the birthday of Tigg, a friend of a neighbour of Sophie's who we stayed with in Derby. We got there early Saturday afternoon so after a cup of tea we; Sophie, Jessica, Becky and I wandered into town where we stopped at a bar for lunch. When we ordered our drinks the waitress double checked that I really wanted a pint of lager! Then Shannon met up with us because together we were going to find Tigg a birthday present. The cards didn't take long nor did the cake but the present itself took much discussion and thinking about in Top Man. We bimbled into TK Maxx where Becky demonstrated "spotting a good buy at 100 m" combined with "not wincing when wielding the credit card" skills that I have not seen in real life for a while.

I learnt a lot over this weekend as well, for instance according to Becky all tranny photos must include the feet, so this one is wrong.
Becky's New Coat

But this one is correct

Becky and Me

However when some of your subjects are tall it can be difficult
The three graces
I had to do this!
their feet

But enough of Tranny Photography for beginners

It was a cracking evening, it was so nice to meet people about whom I had heard so much from Becky, seen mentioned on her blog and elsewhere so to finally meet them in the flesh was cool. Armed with glowsticks we headed off to Nottingham. After a quick drink in the bar next to the club we went in.

I'd had never been to a Gay Club before, I had never had the excuse before. It was great, the music good to dance to without slipping into cheesy, enough places to to sit and enough bar space that it didn't take hours to get served.

I like people watching I always have done, it had been fascinating that afternoon mooching around Derby with the others watching the general public to see if they clocked Sophie who was in Sophie mode. I don't think that many did and those that did do didn't point or gesticulate well not in our hearing. At the bar and the club in the evening we did get more overt stares but it wasn't unfriendly at all. A young lad came up to speak to Sophie in the bar next to the club, he was the one who told us to get in there quickly before the entry price went up.

It was a fabulous weekend and for me different from the stuff I had done before, but hopefully I will get the chance to go out on many more nights like it and different too.

* Note only need to see one of my feet.


  1. LOL, this kinda was like reading Bill Bryson talking about Britain in Notes from a Small Island. Takes an outsider to remind you of the things that you don't notice anymore.

    mveoaise - A mayonnaise substitute developed by DuPont.

  2. lol.

    I'm afraid Beckys right, no feet is a cardinal sin Jane. I found myself trying to explain this to a non trannie friend on Saturday night too, so its nice to know its not just me!

    Glad you had a great night.

  3. Of course once you have a good stock of feet photos you can always add them to other non-feet photos in an emergency.

    Glad to hear you had a good night!

  4. Becky - so does mean I have to grow a beard where dodgy jumpers and speak with a mid atlantic twang? I hope not.

    Karol - So I gather but Bex didn't actually explain why just I had to include the feet!

    Jo - lol and yes I had a great time.

  5. Well Jane, you grill Becky on the exact why and whatfore of exactly why the feet must be included and then let me know!

  6. Jane, Glad you and the others had a great time.

    Oh and thanks for the tips about feet in photographs.

    BANG, CRUNCH THUD OW....Sound tranny makes in the closet with the light off.

  7. What will your "normal" friends say Jane!?! Consorting with the likes of us trannie folks AND going to a gay bar - very dodgy, LOL!

  8. Emily I will when I can remember.

    Charlotte - No worries.

    Rachel - well depends on how you define normal Rachel. In Real Life the ones who know are cool, don't know about the rest. in Cyberspace don't know not had any none trannie comments on this post yet. Cept me of course and I don't think I count :-)

  9. How does it go? Those that mind do not matter, and those that matter do not mind - but I'm running the risk of sounding serious so I'll shut up - except to say your blogger photo doesn't do you justice, you look so much more relaxed in your "Nottingham" photos - if you don't mind me saying so? An opinion from the most unphotogenic bloke on the planet.