30 September 2005

List of Links Type Thingy

Not really got anything to say today except I finally got my replacement contact lenses so can now see the world with out smudges again.

Here is a list of links for your entertainment while I attempt to think of something I want to blog about.

Comfort Breakdown from Eclectech

Santa's New Reindeer spotted by Charlotte, but it's only September for goodness sake and already we are getting fluffy Christmas Stories.

Interview with Chiwetel Ejiofor who is starring in Kinky Boots from today's Guardian

Another brilliant thing I saw in the Guardian today was photos of art work in New York, artist Ji Lee sticks speech bubbles on adverts and posters then leaves them for people to fill in he then takes photos. Wyndham found the link to Ji Lee's site though.



  1. I think you'll find that, sadly, Rudolph the Reindeer is not going to help Santa this year.


  2. Thanks for the link to the Interview with Chiwetel Ejiofor. Excellent. Interesting his comments about getting into the clothes, giving him a new personna - I bet there's a few trannies indentifying with that!

  3. I love the Ji Lee site! Did you notice you could download the bubble templates and print them out yourself? http://www.thebubbleproject.com/03.Stickers/DownloadFrameset.htm

  4. If you buy this week's Radio Times, you can get a free pair of tickets to a Kinky Boots preview in some places.

    A film about shoes! Finally!