22 August 2005


Becky and I were discussing teachers' names the other night, sometimes kismit just happens and the teacher's name suits them down to the ground. I had a chemistry teacher called Mr Polichemi and Becky had a physics teacher called Mr Sparks. It's a shame that the other teachers didn't have suitable names for their subjects or personalities. But hey we were bored so we thought of some.

Mr EthicalDilemmia for RE

Mrs SuspectNazi for PE

Becky suggested Mr BoredGayGuy for Music.

I had a Mr BurstIntoTearsAtAnyMoment for French and a

Mrs I'veGotLovelyTitsWouldYouLikeToLookDownMyTopBoys for German - she was popular.

Mr CompleteAndUtterContemptForTheHeadmaster for Deputy Head.


  1. Lol.. I think I worked with most of those.

    I did work with a teacher called Mr A. Dick and I did train an old maths teacher called Mr Wankowski.. Absolute truth

    How about:
    Ms. Keenforthefirstyearthenburnsoutandleaves

  2. lol Jo - you think with names like those they would have avoided the teaching proffesion

  3. We had a mths Teacher, of the old grammar school teacher type who insisted on being called Master, problem was and this is true his surname was Bates !!!

    We also had Mr A.Hall, which at 11 years old was hilarious :o)

  4. How about:

    Miss LostControl or
    Mr Target

    For the Supply teachers. Did you ever wonder what Teachers did in the staff room. I have subsequently found out:

    Eat cakes and sweets and slag off the kids!!!

    Very disappointing.

  5. Sorry, but....

    I had a teacher called Miss Ball.

    This caused hilarity for those aged 13.

    She got married.

    She was then known as Mrs Grabham.

    I rest my case.