07 August 2005

Succumbed To The Lure Of Sudoku

I've succumbed to the lure of Sudoku, a colleague of mine does them and has been evangelising about them, Joanna has mentioned them several times in her blog and even the Now Show is making jokes about them. So never being one to let a bandwagon to pass me by completely I decided to have a go. Once I got my head round the rules I found myself hooked. Yahoo do free daily online ones but I'm linking to the free ones created by Monterosa


  1. Is it as good as Tetris?

    I once got 178 lines on Tetris... I was in the zone man, the zone.

    Sudoku looks scary and numbery...

  2. If you like Sudoku give Slitherlink a go... even more japanese puzzly fun! I found a few samples in a Sudoku book I bought, and found them even more addictive. The basic idea is you have to join the dots to form a single uninterrupted loop. The numbers act as hints to how many lines surround any square. Squares with no number in can have any number of surrounding lines.

    Couldn't find many good online examples except this.

  3. *sigh*

    another sucker bites the dust

    please don't become as dull as my parents - they are clinically addicted

  4. Herge - Tetris rocks sudoku is good but not the same.

    Becky - Thanks I will have a play at it when I've finished the sudoku puzzle I'm doing at the mo.

    Chick - I guess it takes all sorts I don't think (hope) I'll get that bad but I have to admit the Guardian sports pages had a spoof puzzle and I started trying to work it out in my head before I realised it couldn't be done.

  5. Saw this in Waterstones the other day.. a less numbery take on things ;-)