17 August 2005


Kate Weston has kindly asked some questions so here goes
Music doesn't feature strongly in your profile (unlike the vast majority of profiles I have seen). Do you have a favourite style, or artist? Do you play an instrument at all? Words on the other hand are obviously very important to you, do you have a favourite poet?
Then Kate spotted my blogger profile and said not to bother answering first part of her question but I don't mind being asked about music. I love it, I don't do music reviews on the blog because I would not be very good at it.

A typical review would read "It was really fantastic and I really liked it, the second track was really good cos it started all quiet and spooky and then got really really loud at the end. I liked it - signed a music lover" as I said not very good, I find that when I try to do descriptive prose I sink into either cliché hell or end up sounding like the teenager from the fast show. The reviewers at the NME need not fear for their jobs from this quarter.

Having said that, most of my favourite bands are alternative, indie or goth. Some of the bands that are not listed in my profile (I ran out of space) that I also like are: Oasis, Interpol, The Three Johns, The Smiths, Primal Scream, The Kills and The Killers.

In one of my favourite films High Fidelity, there is a scene where some one accuses Rob, Dick and Barry of being music snobs because they don't consider anyone worthwhile unless they have a record collection of at least 500 records. Well I'm not quite worthwhile in their terms but in 12 CDs time I will be.

I can't play an instrument I had some piano lessons but didn't really take to it and was taught to play the recorder a little at primary school but I never took to that either. Sometimes I wish I had stuck to piano. Though in my idle daydreams I wish I was a guitar rock goddess playing in a band whose influences included the Pixies and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Poetry - mmm I've never really got poetry, I did modern, post WWII poets for O level Eng Lit so have never been properly introduced to them. I prefer prose and plays.


  1. Well at least you have proved your working class credentials by saying that you don't get poetry.

    Though to be honest I was more suprised that your questioner thought you hadn't mentioned music in your profile. Since when I glanced at it, I knew exactly where you were coming from.

    I mean the Wedding Present, Joy Division and Jesus and the Mary Chain says it all.

    It's a bit suspect that you mention the Cure but I can forgive you that.... since Boys Don't Cry is a decent album.... even if everything else is pants.

    Right time to find some pornography and then off to bed..... did I really just say that?..... doh!!!! .... where's the delete key?....

  2. I'm often the same way-- I may like the music, but I can never find words to describe it.