21 August 2005

Out and About

I went to Cambridge yesterday, for once it didn't seem too full of tourists. While wandering around we saw one of those drumming bands that want to be black and Brazilian. They were good but they still ended up looking white, enthusiatic and terribly terribly middle class worthy

drumming band 2

The chap on the right playing the tambourine was really taking it seriously each shake or tap of the tambourine was given his full artistic effort. Just a shame that it wasn't a triangle so that we could have had the full comedy impact.

All except the goth girl at the back she looked like she was having a miserable time of it.

Miserable Drummer Girl


  1. Goth chicks always look like they are having a miserable time.

  2. Hi Iggy - Oh no I was a happy goth! I have the photos somewhere to prove it, just my scanner isn't working at the moment or I'd show you... honest.

  3. Jane, you will the, of course, be a fan of The Divine Comedy song of the same name!

  4. d'you think her mum got her involved in this band? she really looks like she wants to be ANYWHERE ELSE BUT THERE

    it must have pained her to have to wear such pale colours too, poor love

  5. I guess that's why they put her in the back, and the enthusiastic tamborine player in the front.

  6. Goth chick was probably p**sed off they wouldn't all be dressed in black as she suggested :oD