13 August 2005

New Computer

It's here, it's working I've not downloaded all my useful things yet but that's my plan for the evening. I can't access my email through outlook express but that is because I've forgotten the name of the pop account but I've got to ring NTL on Monday so I'll get it sorted out then.


  1. just testing something

  2. Ah BushCheney08 - Ah there is nothing like the rapier intellectual challenges of vigorous politican debate where respect is shown on both sides and your comment is nothing like it either.

  3. Good job on the new computer!

    How long do you think it will take the idiot who left comment #2 to realize you are in the UK?

    By the way, right now I am consuming some stuff called "Belhaven Scottish Ale". It is made by the Belhaven Brewing Company in Dunbar Scotland. It is only 3.9% alcohol by volume, but it is very good. It has a unique smokey flavor.

  4. L.I. oh it could take ages I've not tried that or if I have I've not been in a state to remember. Enjoy and I will look out for some next time I'm at the offie.