06 August 2005

Lake District

My mother booked the holiday as a birthday treat for me. She had stayed at the hotel in June with my Aunt Jane and had really enjoyed it. The hotel was very comfortable and the staff were exceptionally helpful. The food was good too, in an English style.
Borrowdale Hotel
I think it was built as an hotel because they still had the bells hanging from when room service couldn't be summoned by telephone.
Bells in the Hotel

This gruesome artifact was hanging in the bar.

Fox's Head and Tail

You can see a photo of a running fox by the side of it, I assume it is the same fox, The local hunt used to gather outside the hotel. I know that they are vermin but I am glad that foxhunting has been banned it always struck me as a very barbaric form of pest control.

There was also a fascinating copy of an old hotel bill from 1773 hanging up in one of the corridors.
Hotel Bill From 1773

Unfortunately it is not quite clear but the bill read as follows

Tea and Coffee ............£1 6s 0d
Wine and Porter ...............4s 0d
Rum, Brandy and Gin .....16s 6d
Servants Eating and Ale ..10s 0d

Total..........................£2 16s 6d

What really struck me was how expensive the tea and coffee were compared to everything else. For those not familiar with British pre decimal currency click here for further information.

It was all very comfortable and the views from my bedroom and bathroom were stunning.

view from my bedroom window
View from my bathroom

It is such a shame that the weather was so poor. More on what we did later.

I have uploaded a some photos from my holiday you can view them here.


  1. Sorry to be a pedant but the reason tea and coffee was so expensive was because it had to sail all the way around Africa.

  2. No Worries. Thanks for the information Eeore, I thought it was something like that but I couldn't be bothered to do the research I knew one of my clever readers would tell me. :-)

  3. I am pretty shure that coffee came from Central and South America. Mostly South America. You know, Juan Valdez and his el burro?

    Anyway, I went to that "pre-decimal" page and it just confused me. I can deal with the pound - it is just like the dollar only worth more. No problem there. I suppose I could deal with shillings and pennies too - but all that other stuff was just too much. I can only imagine a group of 6 people diving up a resturant tab in 1960.

    Decimals rule.

  4. You know, I don't feel too bad about seeing the fox's head on that wall. It seems to me he had the last laugh! Welcome back.