29 August 2005


It's a bank holiday Monday and I've been up awake since before 5 am. I'm not happy about this, I enjoy my sleep, normally it's harder to get me to wake up than it is to keep an American Televanglist from putting his hand in the till. Tomorrow I'll probably be sprinting for the bus as I will have left it just a little too late getting up.

I've heard the World Service's take on the hurricane threatening New Orleans, I've heard about the EU "bra war" with China (when underwires attack?). I listened to the Radio 4 theme tune AKA the mish mash song before giving up trying to sleep and got up, so I've been sat in front of my PC reading blogs, drinking tea but I did get the chance to see sunlight in my living room, a rare occurrence because it north facing and I'm rarely up early enough.

Talking of the hurricane take a look at The Lazy Iguana's blog, he was in the eye of the hurricane as it passed over Florida.


  1. Knowing you as I do Jane, it must have been odd to face that time in the morning without have gone all the way through the night first.

    Anyway light creeping into your lounge..does that mean you have removed the ye olde cobwebs first *giggles* ROFL.

    As an aside I was awake early too tho not quite as early as you and ended up composing an execrable piece of refelective verse. Ah emotions!!

  2. That's a terrible slur on Televangelists everywhere.

  3. Charlotte - Thanks mate, now everyone thinks I'm some form of wild party animal! Some of the ye olde cobwebs have gone and I cleaned the windows as well.

  4. We thought you were some form of wild party animal ;-)

  5. wild sloth maybe Dave