12 August 2005


At the risk of looking very foolish tomorrow, afterall we are playing Southampton, can I just point out that at the moment the Wednesday are not in the regulation zone. We are 18th in the championship League and most definitely above Crystal Palace.

Sheffield Wednesday - Pride of Yorkshire, I know it's true - my Owls tee shirt tells me so.

Well, actually I think we will have a hard season. Already we are suffering injuries and we don't have the money to throw about that can create a squad that has quality in depth, quality in meniscus would be nice. But given the choice doing the double over Leeds and Sheff United and going back down or being tonked by both teams but staying up I start to get twitchy cos I dislike both teams so its very hard. That is until I remember one of the few advantages of moving away from Yorkshire is that no one knows who you are on about. So I'll go for being tonked by both teams home and away as long as we stay up, but then again that is 12 points, so OK if we could really cream Leeds I would be very happy!


  1. Good luck!

    I've never been a fan of Sheffield United either. Incidentally, do you know why fans in the Championship all call Neil Warnock "Colin"? Apparently one anagram of his name is Colin W**ker ;-)

  2. Joanna - No I'm not keen on the Blades either but I really don't like Leeds United I supppose that comes from going to school in Harrogate with loads of Leeds fans, in the bad old days when they had a bad reputation for violence.

  3. MMMmmmm Still above Crystal Palace :-(

    We will start getting some points soon...... I hope

  4. PF - I doubt it will last just hope we don't go straight back down again though. If we can stay up this season then we can start to build a solid squad.