25 June 2005

This is more like it.

The weather here has returned to the English summer as I like it, it's grey, overcast and not overly warm - it's fantastic I can move about without breaking into a sweat I don't need to drink pints and pints of water and I can sleep at night.

I tested out the bed part of my new sofa bed last night, on my mum's suggestion, she said that before I had guests around to stay overnight I should find out what sort of discomfort I would be inflicting on them. I am happy to say that it was very comfortable and I slept the sleep of the innocent last night.

This morning I helped a friend, Si to move stuff out his flat along with some mates. Well at the start it was just Si and Art and me, we had moved most the heavy stuff by the time reinforcements had arrived but with them we got it all done and packed into the transit van within two hours. Although the weather is far more reasonable today we still had healthy glows at the end of it. Where Si lived you can see the building my flat is in, it was strange looking out of his window seeing the flat like that. We went to lunch at the local "cafe bar" which although most of the food is fresh prepared "straight from our freezer" wasn't too bad and cheap enough for you not to mind the freezer element of it.

I am now officially shattered cos I'm not used to hard physical graft so I am resting till til I can build up my strength again.

Appraisal Of The Day
SAC ****** is still immature and, at times, a scruffy airman, however, it is hoped that his recent marriage will offer him some sense of responsibility, and someone to do the ironing.

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