09 June 2005

Quick! Think of a Title.

I'm going out tonight for a formal dinner, so this will just be a short post as I sit here waiting for my hair to dry.

As I don't have a silk dressing gown to lounge in I am using an old long skirt as a sort of boob tube dress thingy, very glam I must say.

I've created an email me link I might see if I can find some fancy image for it over the weekend.

Anyway must go and create miracles with make up.

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  1. Charlotte D09 June, 2005

    You mean that there is anything left in the wardrobe after you extended "AN INVITATION" to me to have a try on of anything that might fit! I might come out of there one day!!

    Have fun sweetie and watch out for those octupussies (sp???) (Have to to find away of inserting a piccy!!)