23 June 2005

Can I complain about the weather again?

It's still too hot, I'm slowly melting here... 11pm and still 26.5 degrees. It has been hellish at work, we do not have air conditioning and we could do with it. The rumours are that the buildings were scheduled to have it but it was cut by some knothead to save money. Instead they told us to stop complaining and open the windows the air would circulate and we would stay cool. That's fine in principle but the cool air theory only works if there are no dividing walls or cabinets above waist height and of course we have loads of dividing walls, cabinets, IT equipment throwing out heat too. Eventually after much protesting and campaigning, management put a forced air system in upstairs. On Monday there was an email saying sorry but the forced air system isn't on and only the contractor can turn it on and facilities management team will ring them. Will ring them? Talk about being on the case. I spoke to one of my friends this afternoon he works upstairs, the forced air system still isn't on!

It's too hot to do an appraisal.

I'm going to my Mum's tomorrow to cook for her and my aunt see you Saturday!


  1. 26.5 hot? Lets see here....26.5 celcius to fahrenheit - thats only 79.7 degrees in America! That is not too bad at all.

    I live in south Florida, on the 25th parallel north. Today it was only 80 degrees (26.6 degrees everywhere else) but it was super overcast and raining. When (if) it ever stops raining, summer temps climb into the 90s (32 degrees C).

    Count your blessings.

    And just for the record, I like the metric system so much better. Can you believe that in America our crappy system of cups and quarts is called "standard"?!?!?!

    Sometimes, I wish that England did not loose the revolutionary war. I have no problem with tea, crumpets, and thermometers calibrated in Celcius.

  2. hoorah! it has thundered and rained in london and it's cool, well, cooler...

  3. Ah... our office has no AC either, and is stuffed full of computers. In hot weather it's absolutely stifling.

    Luckily I was enjoying the weather in Barcelona all that week! *grin*