12 June 2005


There are positively zillions of blogs out there (ok zillions is potentionally an overstatement but zillions sounds so nice). Blogger.com has a button at the top of my blog saying "next blog", press it and you will be taken to a random blog in their database. Potentially it's a way of finding new and interesting blogs, but there is so much dross out there it's seriously off putting.

I am not dispagarging the bloggers whose beliefs I disagree with or whose writing I find dull or uninteresting. No what I find depressing are the number of "corporate blogs" which are just links to commercial sites selling everything from self help books on colon cancer to tax attornies to Hotels near Nowheresville, Arkansas. Then even worse are the blogs trying to sell porn, please no... if I want internet porn I can do a seach for it. 67,600,000 sites out there for me to look at if I google "sex" and maybe 100,000 of those are educational. Finally, and this is a personal gripe which probably marks me out as someone who is "getting old," are the unreadable blogs written by semi illiterate teenagers who think that mashing txt language and fReEfOrM cApiTaliZaTIoN is the way forward for the English language. No, kiddies it's not - it just makes your blog unreadable.

But wonder of wonders, for the sake of this blog entry I thought I would have another go, after 10 straight psuedo blogs and 3 porn selling ones I hit on a sweet one by a couple blogging the birth of their first child for family and friends and Godless Mom in the Bible Belt, a blog I would like to investigate more.

It's very hit and mix, I do click on links of the blogs I like and so forth but I would love to discover a gem that no one else has.

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  1. oooh, oooh - let ME be that gem (and you can be mine!)