28 June 2005

Blank Sheet Of Paper - Panic

There are times when I haven't the foggiest what to write yet I think I should write something every day hence the Appraisal of the Day riff. I thought that if nothing else I could put that up, but because it is actually very laborious, I've stopped doing it. Although my machine has Xgig of memory it has about as much active memory as your average goldfish which is why I can't wait to receive my New Shiny Computer. Unfortunately New Shiny Computer has arrived but it is at my brother's in Hampshire and I don't know when I am going to see him next I will have to ring him sometime this week. So until I can get my hands on the bestie I'm stuck with this old and knackered warhorse. Mind you I shouldn't diss the current machine too much I might have a buyer for it, only he reads this blog, if he sees this post it won't do my negotiations much good!

I am still confused by my stats, all three counters give wildly different figures for the number of page hits, visitors that day, unique visitors first time visitors and returning visitors. I don't really know which one I should believe the most and they all have different features that are not shared with the other two but are quite useful. So I suppose I will keep all three for the moment but I do think it is an extravagance having 3 no 4 counters if you include the rss feed one.

I did manage to get myself a tag cloud. It is a self referential one though, my rss feed is through feedburner fed into TagCloud it took a wee while for the cloud to pick up on the feed but eventually it populated itself. I'm very please with myself because basically I hadn't the foggiest what it was all about, how are tags chosen for instance? I would never chose the word "unfortunately" as a tag because I use it so often, however I would use Dr Who, which isn't listed.

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  1. Jane, the important thing is to keep posting. As a new blogger myself, I'm trying to post every couple of days or so - you're very good, more or less daily! - and am counting on falling into some kind of a groove a few months down the line. At the moment I'm very self-conscious about my witterings but am hanging in there.

    Three counters? I'm impressed. I've got one, Statcounter and have become obsessed with staring at it longingly. Three would send me over the cliff.