26 June 2005

Birthday Party

I went to the surprise 80th birthday party of my uncle Tristram Cary today in Clapham where his niece lives. She and her husband very kindly hosted the party. My mother and I went down by train, unfortunately we were held up by engineering works on the line, the train had just gone through Hitchen when it ground to a halt, the driver explained what the problem was, a hazard of travelling on a Sunday by train I suppose.

Mum fretted and complained, I can't see the point personally, I had left a message on Jane's mobile, there was nothing more we could do, it wasn't that hot so we were not suffering like those people on the high speed train the other day. My attitude is stop worrying about it, it is not as if we could do anything about it, settle back and start to contemplate the infinite. We got to the party eventually, unfortunately we missed the surprise part of it but it was still very good. Tristram's son John had arranged the catering and had the most fantastic birthday cake made.

tristram birthday cake

It is an EMS synthesiser, a very early small and portable synthesiser that Tristram helped to develop.


Appraisal Of The Day
..... and particularly irksome is his use of "10-4" in place of the more acceptable "yes, sir".


  1. Not so much a comment about he birthday... though he doesn't look 80 and your cousin is worth a photo....

    More a genral comment on the high quality of your bloging, your generally funny tone, the excellent suggestion of the ID thing.... no wait.... you live in Cambridgeshire.... as an exiled Norfolkian I must stop there.... for one thing you might live in Wisbech.... Boo Hisssss....

    Oh and I do admire your switch to Radio 5 during Any Questions, though I do question your liking of the Now Show.... tho I have a letter from a Mrs Trellis of North Wales who says that under the Latchbolt Cambrian rules this is an allowable move, providing it is followed by Moorgate....

    Have fun:)

  2. that guy is 80?? no way!! wow - hope i look as good as him when i get to 80...

  3. Thank you both, the message has been passed on to Tristram he will be tickled pink I think.

  4. Anonymous29 June, 2005

    Be sure to thank Mr. Tristram Cary for all he has done for us little electronic musicians. There are some of us who are humbled still by his EMS synth.

    And I thought my 87 year old landlady was the best looking octegenarian on the planet. Looks like Mr Cary is.

  5. Blake Reimer29 June, 2005

    Happy B Day to MR. Cary! Another round of applause for the electronic fun boxes he made possible. I am the proud owner of one! It has provided me with endless amounts of joy and equal amounts of confusion...

  6. Anonymous25 July, 2005

    All modern musicians owe a lot to Mr Cary. He and Bob Moog are on equal footing. Happy Birthday!

  7. I too would like to wish Mr Cary a Very happy birthday (belated obviously)!
    When teaching on the EMS synth in future, I will insist that all students respond with the now obligitory 10-4.

    Keep it Analouge!

  8. Im sad to hear Mr Cary is passed away. All my love for him and his family.